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Abdulmohsin AlMoulhim

General Manager

General Manager Statement : Dhai Taiba Medical DTM as a health care company, help and assist the health care professional to meet their needs and make their decisions more solid and confirmed, and it was the starting point that founders agreed on where they did their prame work according to it . Dhai Taiba Medical DTM is one of the fast growing companies in the field of health care, Dhai Taiba Medical DTM could establish a strong and established business with it's partners, and it opened a new business horizons to them, by making a strong and done commitments to our partners at the Saudi Market. Dhai Taiba Medical DTM holds the highest quality care professionals. With Dhai Taiba Medical DTM , your business commitment, is DONE.

Dr. Raafat Galal

Executive Director





 You could not have found a more perfect mentor for me. 
Stepping away and truly looking at your business with the benefit of peer interaction is such a strong force in driving my business forward.
The information and support that you get from is invaluable. If you want to be better, this is definitely the best way!
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